World-Class Developments

Southlands | Luxury Detached Homes From $4,880,000
McCleery and Magee. Vancouver’s Last Subdivision. Building Permit Ready 9800sf Lots from $2,480,000.

Hollybridge | World Class Residences
Richmond River Green.

Northview | Townhomes From $938,000
Richmond Riverfront. Limited Units Left.

LIFT | Townhomes From $639,000

Langley City.  2 Units Left.

The Oak | Townhomes Starting From $1,289,900

Oak Street and Park Drive. Limited Units Left.

Our Partnerships

Commitment to our values has to go far beyond handing over the keys to a buyer after a completed purchase. This isn’t about profits for us, it’s about developing our roots and growing with the communities we are a part of.

Our relationships are all built on honesty, connectedness and trust. We will not compromise on maintaining the highest quality standards. Our reputation matters to us. We are here for the long term. Delivering value for our customers is our focus. We work hard to consistently generate excellent results.

We are committed to sustaining the environment, well-being and personal responsibility. We champion new technologies that benefit the environment for a better future for this and the next generation.

We are planting our root here and are here for the long run, not just to make a quick buck. We want to improve the quality of life we create for families, and communities.

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