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01. Site Feasibility

Establish whether the project is viable. Help identify feasible options. Assist in the development of other project documentation such as the business case, project execution plan and strategic brief.

02. Product Development Consulting

Recruit, collaborate and liaise with all consultants pertaining to the build out of the project which includes, but not limited to: land planners, consultants, engineers, architects, surveyors, utility companies, interior designers, landscape architects, general contractors, sub contractors and the sales & marketing team. Oversee and work with the consultants to complete a building best suited for the site and market. Coordination includes contract administration, plan review, coordination between all of the consultants, field administration and expediting all of the consultants and City Officials.

03. Marketing Collateral Development

The creation of all necessary marketing materials, including concept, design and production.

04. Land Acquisition

Research and analyze development properties to purchase for highest and best use which includes, but not limited to: Establishing the economy of the area, demographics, product, current and future demand of product, saturation, current market pricing, estimated market values at time of build out and net return of profit. Prepare a detailed proforma for the complete project to establish the net return of the development before the build out.

05. Strategic Marketing Programs

By doing detail researches on projects related information, to strategically creation the most suitable marketing campaign.

06. Sale Centre Design and Build-out

From concept to build out, one stop service for your showroom solution.

07. Sales and After Sales Services

Professional trained realtor team purely focus on YOUR PROJECT. We host training and education section with project related knowledge and information materials to our Sales Team to make sure they have the absolute knowledge required for presenting your product.

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